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CREP for VSU undergraduates

An initiative of the VSU-MCC Partnership for Cancer Disparities (SUCCEED)

CREP for undergraduates at VSU

As part of the VSU-MCC Partnership for Cancer Disparities (SUCCEED), undergraduate students at VSU with an interest in cancer health disparities research are encouraged to participate in a tailored 10-week, summer mentored research experience through CREP. In addition to nearly 400 hours of research experience, students will participate in weekly career development workshops and poster presentation opportunities at a Summer Research Retreat.

Students can choose between a bench science track in which they will conduct research under the mentorship of a Massey faculty member or a Community Health Track in which they will conduct research under the mentorship of a VSU faculty member.

  • Bench Science Research Track at Massey: Laboratory-based cancer research experience at Massey with a Massey faculty mentor working with the molecular basis of cancer. Students will learn about and employ such techniques as tissue culture, molecular techniques (PCR, western blotting) and bioinformatics.
  • Community Health Track at VSU: Community engagement research experience with VSU faculty mentors. Students will learn about and employ analysis tools and capabilities necessary in data science in order to apply them to community health problems.

Program eligibility

  1. Students must be actively enrolled at VSU at the undergraduate level
  2. A 2-course sequence in the fall semester must be completed or actively enrolled in prior to application:
    • Topics in Cancer Disparities
    • Principles of Community Engaged Research
  3. Two (2) recommendation letters must be submitted from a professor, coach, mentor or other individual who can attest to the student’s academic interests and abilities and a statement of interest

Summer 2022 applications have closed. Stay tuned for more information regarding the Summer 2023 program.


Rosuany (Rose) Vélez Acevedo, Ph.D., SUCCEED program coordinator
(804) 828-9657