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Father's Day is June 20, 2021

This Father’s Day, we invite you to celebrate a dad or father figure in your life by making a gift to Massey in their honor or memory.


Happy Father's Day

At VCU Massey Cancer Center, we are committed to advancing research and education to prevent, treat, and ultimately, cure cancer.

This Father’s Day, we remember Geoff Shudtz. Geoff was a son, a brother, a businessman and a loving husband to Julie, who describes herself as “a ridiculously proud wife.” And, he was a new dad.

Geoff was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer when his newborn son, Emery, was 3 weeks old. Throughout their family’s cancer experience, Geoff’s motto was to “fight cancer, stay positive.” He passed away in 2019, but left behind a beautiful son, a loving family and a legacy of positivity.

Give today to honor a father

Give today to honor a father

This Father’s Day, will you give the gift of hope to dads and families facing cancer by supporting Massey?

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Julie thinks of the team at Massey as family, and credits Massey for giving them hope throughout Geoff’s treatment.

I remember leaving [our first] appointment [at Massey] and having this new sense of energy, in that there was hope, and that this new team – and family – that we had just acquired was not going to give up on us. And they didn’t.

-Julie Shudtz

Geoff and Julie Shudtz and the power of positivity in the face of cancer

View the inspiring story of the Shudtz family and their experience with pancreatic cancer.

For Julie, a life without cancer means:

...Lazy Saturdays… It means getting the opportunity to fight about who takes out the garbage. It’s leisurely checking off your bucket list instead of rushing, because time is running out… And, it means getting to see a whole life together, instead of just a really amazing, small amount together.

-Julie Shudtz

At Massey, we are getting closer to a future without cancer.

And a future with more Father’s Days. For moms. For children. For families. And for Dads. Like Geoff. Help us get there.

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