Donate blood, platelets or bone marrow

In the world of cancer care, there is a significant, ongoing need for blood, platelets and stem cells. Massey relies on the generosity of donors to ensure that we maintain an adequate supply for our patients undergoing bone marrow transplants, surgery or chemotherapy. Donating is easy and may save a life.

Donate bone marrow

It is easy to donate bone marrow through a procedure that causes little more than slight bruising and discomfort for the donor, but can be life-saving for the recipient. Testing is as simple as swabbing to get a DNA sample. If you match a family member or friend who needs a bone marrow transplant, you can donate stem cells on a Friday and be back to work by Monday or Tuesday.

Potential donors who don’t have a family member or friend in need of a bone marrow transplant can still perform a life-giving act by joining the National Bone Marrow Donor registry. All that registration requires is a cheek swab. A DNA sample is saved and kept until you are needed.

Learn more information on becoming a registered bone marrow donor.

Donate blood or platelets

While at least half of all Americans are eligible to donate blood, reports show that only about 5 percent actually do. If you are in good health, weigh at least 110 pounds and are older than 17, you can donate blood every 8 weeks.

Learn more information on how and where to donate blood and platelets.