25 for 25

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From October 1 - October 25, 2020, Massey held an impactful education and fundraising campaign to raise awareness of the cancer health disparities that exist in our community and what Massey is doing to address them. Massey shared daily e-mails with registrants and donors that were full of facts, links, and resources, as well as engaged in meaningful conversations on social media.  All of the daily e-mails have been compiled into this 25 for 25 Health Equity and Justice Resource Guide

The 25 for 25: Health Equity & Justice campaign was a great success, raising over $100,000 for cancer health disparities research. Additionally, over 4,400 daily e-mails were delivered to "Health Equity Champions" and over 110 different links and resources were shared. The conversation is not over though. We encourage donors to continue to give to this campaign to ensure that they receive communications about the impact of this year's campaign and information about future campaigns.

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