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VCU Massey physicians cited as Top Docs in Richmond Magazine

Mar 28, 2013


VCU Massey Cancer Center physicians were recognized as “Top Docs” in Richmond Magazine’s April 2013 issue.

Topping the list were 34 doctors from varied specialties who provide oncology-related care to Massey's patients. The selections were the result of a survey that asked Richmond-area physicians who they would recommend in a range of specialties.

The following full-time Massey physicians were listed as top performers in the categories noted:

*Douglas Arthur, M.D., Radiation Oncology
Charles E. Bagwell, M.D., Surgery
Harry Bear, M.D., Ph.D., Surgical Oncology
Jonathan Bekenstein, M.D., Ph.D., Neurology
Doumit BouHaidar, M.D., Gastroenterology
*Anthony Cassano, M.D., Thoracic Surgery
Weldon Chafe, M.D., Gynecologic Oncology
Laurie Cuttino, M.D., Radiation Oncology
Laurence DiNardo, M.D., Otolaryngology
Algin Garrett, M.D., Dermatology
Kamar Godder, M.D., Hematology & Oncology
Scott Graham, M.D., Neurosurgery
*B. Mayer Grob, M.D., Urology
Amelia Grover, M.D., Surgical Oncology
Mary Helen Hackney, M.D., Hematology & Oncology
Lance Hampton, M.D., Urology
Jeffrey Haynes, M.D, Surgery
*Brian J. Kaplan, M.D., Surgical Oncology
*David A. Lanning, M.D., Ph.D., Surgery
*Laurie Lyckholm, M.D., Hospice & Palliative Care
Rajiv Malhotra, D.O., Intensivist
*Gita V. Massey, M.D., Hematology & Oncology
Bruce Mathern, M.D., Neurosurgery
*Julia Nunley, M.D., Dermatology
Claudio Oiticica, M.D., Surgery
*Andrea Pozez, M.D., Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
John Quillin, Ph.D., C.G.C., Genetics
*Evan Reiter, M.D., Otolaryngology
Wesley R. Shepherd, M.D., Pulmonary Disease
India Sisler, M.D., Hematology & Oncology
Shiyu Song, M.D., Ph.D., Radiation Oncology
*Gary Tye, M.D., Neurosurgery
Scott A. Vota, D.O., Neurology
Harold F. Young, M.D., Neurosurgery

*A star denotes that the doctor was the top vote-getter in his/her category.

Written by: University Public Affairs

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