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Resources in your community

The Office of Health Equity and Disparities Research team engages with a myriad of partners in the communities we serve.  Some of this work and information about partner organizations are shared in the audio and video files below.  You will also find tutorials on cancer-related topics, such as clinical trials and current research studies that are available to you.  If you would like more information about any of these outreach efforts, please e-mail us at  If you would like to schedule a program, or work with us on a particular project or event, please fill out a Collaboration Request.

Additional information about cancer-related resources in the Danville and Lawrencille service areas may be found here.

Clinical trials

No Butts About It

No Butts About It was a Massey Cancer Center Facebook Live event, presented in September 2020 - an informative discussion about colorectal cancer risk, screening, navigationa and treatment with an panel of experts in the fields of medicine, research, community outreach and survivorship.

AACE Engagement Lounge: Cancer and COVID-19: Community Outreach & Engagement