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Molecules to Medicines (M2M) Pilot Program

Current Call for Applications:

The intent of this award is to promote cancer research collaborations between a basic researcher and an investigator focused on translational research in the areas of cancer biology, cancer immunology, or cancer immunotherapy with the goal of developing biological agents to treat cancer. The focus should be on identifying essential pathways for survival, invasion or metastasis and tumor interactions with stromal cells or on immune cells leading to the development of biologic agents including, but not limited to, antibodies, anticancer peptides or vaccines, CAR-T and other cell therapies, therapeutic viruses, immunomodulators, or other approaches with translational potential. The application should be a multi-principal investigator (MPI) collaboration with both basic and translational researchers serving as PIs.

The focus of this award must be on the following elements:

  • Designing novel biologics using the knowledge gained from cancer biology and immunology.
  • Establishing and optimizing the biological processes for preparing or purifying biologic agents.
  • Investigating the mechanism by which tumor-targeting biologics affect proliferation, survival, invasion, and other hallmarks of cancer in cell culture or patient-derived organoids.
  • Studying the mechanism by which these chemical probes affect proliferation, survival, invasion and other hallmarks of cancer in cell culture, patient-derived organoids and xenografts, as well as other cancer-related animal models.
  • Validating antitumor activity as demonstrated in efficacy studies using relevant animal models such as patient-derived xenografts, transplantation, or transgenic cancer models.

*Final Applications DUE: March 1, 2021

*Earliest Start Date: April 1, 2021

Molecules to Medicines (M2M) - Call for Applications (Jan. 2021)
Molecules to Medicines (M2M) - Application Cover Page
Budget Form

Upcoming Cycle Dates: Future deadlines and award timeframes will be posted here as soon as confirmed. Thank you for your interest.

*Interested researchers or for assistance accessing related program information, please contact:

Lisa Mallory
Center Research Program Administrator
(804) 628-1750