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P01 Team Pilot Awards

Current Call for Applications:

A key factor in positioning Massey Cancer Center to achieve NCI comprehensive cancer center designation is a funding portfolio that includes one or more program project (P01) awards. This pilot award opportunity is designed to provide teams of MCC members with pilot funding that will allow them to generate preliminary data and collaborative publications that will form the basis of a P01 application.

P01 Description: Program projects must include at least 3 research projects and an administrative core. Typically, P01s also include one or more shared resource cores. The individual projects must share a common central theme, focus, and overall objective. Competitive P01 applications require team members with a demonstrated record of ongoing accomplishments in their fields and evidence of collaboration as evidenced by peer-reviewed funding and publications. Program integration is a major review criterion, and strong applications consist of projects and cores that collectively are more likely to be effective in achieving the overall goals and aims of the program than if the projects were performed independently.

Applicants should familiarize themselves with the full P01 requirements as specified in PAR-20-077 (

Final Applications DUE: December 15, 2020

P01 Pilot Team Award - Call for Applications (Nov. 2020)
P01 Pilot Team Award - Application Form
Budget Form

Upcoming Cycle Dates: Future deadlines and award timeframes will be posted here as soon as confirmed. Thank you for your interest.

*Interested researchers or for assistance accessing related program information, please contact:

Lisa Mallory
Center Research Program Administrator
(804) 628-1750