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E-cigarettes with a cigarette-like level of nicotine are effective in reducing smoking and exposure to carcinogen, study finds

Apr 13, 2021

E-cigarettes that deliver a cigarette-like amount of nicotine are associated with reduced smoking and reduced exposure to the major tobacco-related pulmonary carcinogen, NNAL, even with concurrent smoking, according to a new study led by researchers ...


Virginia cancer care providers and clinical researchers convene for tenth annual Massey conference

Apr 01, 2021

Oncologists and clinical cancer researchers from across the state gathered virtually for VCU Massey Cancer Center’s tenth annual Cancer Symposium and Clinical Research Affiliate Network Retreat on March 20. The symposium provided continued professi...

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Research Calendar

VCU Massey Cancer Center sponsors a range of educational lectures, events and conferences for Massey researchers. Most activities are open to VCU faculty and students, unless otherwise noted. Massey members are welcome and encouraged to attend any of the center's program meetings and seminars regardless of their home program.

To add an event to this calendar, please email event details to Olivia Patterson at Note: Only cancer-related events and events designated for cancer researchers will be considered.

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