The Rudene Mercer Haynes CTO Summer Internship

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About the Rudene Mercer Haynes Clinical Trials Office Summer Internship

The Rudene Mercer Haynes Clinical Trials Office Summer Internship (CTOSI) offers a pathway for exploration and exposure into clinical research. Interns will have the opportunity to gain insights about clinical trials and the many components of clinical research at an NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center. The internship is geared towards rising juniors and seniors who are interested in a career in health care or academic medicine. Underrepresented populations in biomedical research are encouraged to apply.

Interns will also learn about the program’s namesake, Rudene Mercer Haynes J.D.; a breast cancer survivor who came to Massey for cancer treatment and has left with a community. Rudene’s story is pivotal due to her consistent efforts to put community care at the forefront of cancer treatment and her long standing desire to “promote cancer equity for all people, regardless of race or locality.” Rudene tirelessly advocates for Massey in addition to continuing her career as a practicing attorney, mom and community servant.

Internship details

Interns are invited to develop a foundational understanding of the role of clinical research in academic medicine. Features of the internship include:

Stipend award

Interns will receive a stipend of $3000.

Application process and eligibility

Applicants must be in their junior/senior year of college. Qualified candidates must demonstrate a record of academic excellence, be intellectually curious, team-oriented and have a passion for patient care.

Important dates for participation

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