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Metabolized sugar and fat could offer key insights into prostate cancer disparities among African American men

Jan 26, 2023

African American men are more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer and are twice as likely to die from the disease compared to white men, according to the National Cancer Institute (NCI). David Turner, Ph.D., member of the Cancer Prevention and Control research program at VCU Massey Cancer Ce...

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Conference highlights Massey’s research partnership to create a firefighter cancer registry

Jan 24, 2023

Bernard Fuemmeler, Ph.D., M.P.H., associate director for population science and the Gordon D. Ginder, M.D., chair in cancer research at VCU Massey Cancer Center, presented at the Virginia Professional Fire Fighters (VPFF) Legislative Conference on Jan. 18 about the creation of a firefighter cancer r...

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VCU Massey Cancer Center recognized for clinical trial enrollment efforts

Jan 23, 2023

VCU Massey Cancer Center has earned a spot as a top accruer with the Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology, a national clinical trials network sponsored by the National Cancer Institute (NCI). Massey’s Minority/Underserved NCI Community Oncology Research Program (MU-NCORP) ranked 30th among the A...

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Massey Cancer Community Connection Coalition offers support in 2023

Jan 17, 2023

More than two dozen community members and leaders from VCU Massey Cancer Center virtually convened on Jan. 10 for the first Massey Cancer Community Connection Coalition (MCCCC) meeting of 2023. Representatives from historically underserved groups, external health sciences professionals and other com...

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Massey Cancer Champion, seed grant recipient advocates on Capitol Hill for survivors

Dec 15, 2022

On Dec. 14, members of Congress introduced a landmark piece of legislation that aims to provide a lifeline to survivors and their families. The Comprehensive Cancer Survivorship Act (CCSA) addresses the entire survivorship continuum of cancer care. Sharon Rivera-Sanchez, a Massey Cancer Champion and...

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Massey’s “On the Road to Trust” series highlights LGBTQIA+ cancer disparities

Dec 09, 2022

Community stakeholders joined VCU Massey Cancer Center on Dec. 2 to share ideas about how to better serve the LGBTQIA+ population. It was part of Massey's “On the Road to Trust” symposium series, which launched in 2022 to create community-centered gatherings to facilitate conversations about cancer ...


Fighting misinformation with science-based messages can improve public perceptions of HPV vaccines

Dec 08, 2022

A new VCU-led study found that evidence-based messaging related to four key themes improved parent perceptions toward HPV vaccines and increased their likelihood of vaccinating their children against HPV. Research led by Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Medicine is providing new insight ...


New genetic culprit suspected in the onset of pancreatic cancer

Nov 30, 2022

New research out of VCU Massey Cancer Center points to the inactivation of a previously unidentified gene as a likely culprit in the development of pancreatic cancer. Recently published in Cell Reports, the findings could alter the scientific understanding of this deadly disease and inform the estab...


New Massey research partnership to create firefighter cancer registry

Nov 21, 2022

Steve Weissman knew the pain of losing his firefighter colleagues to cancer. It is why Weissman, the Virginia state director of the Firefighter Cancer Support Network (FCSN), was determined to make sweeping changes for the profession even before he got his own diagnosis in 2016. “We are seeing these...


Scientists find strong evidence for testing VCU-manufactured drug in liver cancer

Nov 07, 2022

Researchers at VCU Massey Cancer Center have published new study findings that establish rationale for the use of a class of drugs known as MDA-9 inhibitors as a potential treatment option for aggressive liver cancer. The findings — recently published in Hepatology — pave the way for future studies ...

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Massey Lung Summit to include community in cancer conversation

Oct 27, 2022

On Wednesday, Nov. 2, VCU Massey Cancer Center will host the inaugural Lung Cancer - Closing the Gap Summit. It will be held at The Grace Center inside 5th Street Baptist Church. Members of the community are encouraged to attend. “Lung is the biggest cancer killer in the country,” said Santiago Lim...


Massey scientists pinpoint druggable target in aggressive breast cancer

Oct 25, 2022

Researchers at VCU Massey Cancer Center have set their sights on a new therapeutic target for an aggressive form of breast cancer with limited treatment options. Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in U.S. women, and triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) is a more aggressive and deadly for...


Massey scientists identify promising therapeutic target for incurable brain cancer

Oct 06, 2022

Researchers at VCU Massey Cancer Center discovered a cellular partnership that drives the growth of deadly brain tumors and could potentially serve as a novel target for disease treatment. Gliomas are any cancer that start in the glial cells of the nervous system and account for nearly one-third of ...

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Massey invites Cancer Champions to get a closer look at community-led research

Oct 03, 2022

The community-to-bench model of research reached a new level at VCU Massey Cancer Center on September 28 and October 1, 2022, as members of the Cancer Champions program visited a laboratory to see the work in action as part of the new Lab Open House series. “This was great,” said Bennie Gates follow...

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Massey awards new round of pilot grants for early-career cancer investigators

Sep 23, 2022

VCU Massey Cancer Center recently awarded a total of $200,000 to five early-career cancer researchers through its Institutional Research Grant (IRG) from the American Cancer Society (ACS) – a program that has been providing seed money to junior investigators at the university for nearly 50 years. T...

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Virginia’s native tribes drive Massey efforts to eliminate disparities

Sep 19, 2022

Panelists at the Sovereign Nations of Virginia Conference shared negative impacts their native tribes are experiencing related to land, the climate and other issues. Listening in the audience were members of the VCU Massey Cancer Center team, poised to use this input for outreach addressing health a...

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NCI-funded project aims to reduce racial disparities in cancer genetic counseling

Sep 13, 2022

A project led by Virginia Commonwealth University researchers and funded last month by the National Cancer Institute, part of the National Institutes of Health, aims to reduce racial cancer disparities in the United States by studying what happens during the genetic counseling process that results i...

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VCU Massey Cancer Center to lead Alliance for Equity in Cancer Care

Sep 12, 2022

VCU Massey Cancer Center will serve as the National Program Office for the Alliance for Equity in Cancer Care (the Alliance), an initiative funded by the Merck Foundation (the Foundation) and designed to make cancer care more equitable in the United States by helping cancer patients living in unders...

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Massey research member awarded competitive grant renewal from NIH

Aug 30, 2022

Devanand Sarkar, M.B.B.S., Ph.D., associate director for training and education at VCU Massey Cancer Center and associate director at the VCU Institute for Molecular Medicine (VIMM), received a competitive grant renewal to continue his study of understanding the molecular mechanism and developing ta...

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Chickahominy T.R.U.T.H.: the beginning of a new community-academic partnership

Aug 29, 2022

VCU Massey Cancer Center and the Virginia Chickahominy Tribe have joined together in a new community-academic partnership. Called Chickahominy T.R.U.T.H. (Trust, Research, Understand, Tell and Heal), this project responds to community concerns for a cancer cluster by investigating how community envi...

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