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Help us stay safe: Face masks required at all Massey facilities

Jun 18, 2020


We want to continue to keep everyone onsite at VCU Massey Cancer Center safe during COVID-19. To do this, we are following the face mask guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and are requiring everyone in our environment to wear a face mask.

If you do not have a face mask, we will give you one. As long as you are in one of our facilities, you are required to wear a face mask.

For ambulatory patients and their escorts:

  • Face masks are required for the duration of your appointment, which includes waiting room areas.
  • Face masks must cover both your mouth and your nose.
  • If you are unable or uncomfortable wearing a face covering of any kind for your appointment, consider a virtual visit instead.

For inpatient visitors:

  • We ask that you wear a face mask at all times when visiting a loved one in the hospital, especially when you are in the patient’s room. It is the right thing to do to keep you and your loved one safe.
  • Face masks must cover both your mouth and your nose.
  • If you are planning to visit a loved one at our hospital and are unable or uncomfortable wearing a face covering of any kind, please use our virtual visitation program instead.

Accommodations for people unable to wear face masks for medical reasons:

  • The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has recognized that individuals with certain medical conditions may be unable to wear a face mask. We are able to provide accommodations for these individuals only.

Our face mask requirement is one of several measures we have put in place to keep you safe.

 A lot has changed since the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic began, but our commitment to safe, responsible care has not. Our safety measures include vigorous disinfection and cleaning processes and fewer people in our waiting rooms. Learn what to expect at your next visit.

Written by: VCU Health Public Affairs

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