Pillar goals

VCU Massey Comprehensive Cancer Center 2021 – 2025 Strategic Plan

Massey catchment area includes 66 Virginia localities spanning central, southern, and eastern Virginia and is home to approximately four million diverse individuals.

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Identification of pillar goals

Each pillar goal collectively works towards reducing cancer health disparities and improving survivorship for all, with particular emphasis on lung, breast, prostate, and gastrointestinal (GI) cancers, which demonstrate disproportionate incidence and mortality in key demographics across Massey’s catchment area. In addition, Massey is addressing significant behavioral factors driving the cancer burden within the catchment area such as tobacco use and obesity control.

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Pillar goals

Infuse community engagement through all Massey endeavors including prioritizing and promoting cancer education and screening, facilitating catchment area-relevant research, and promoting diversity in clinical trials to ultimately eliminate cancer health disparities

Promote a culture that embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion across all Massey constituents – students, staff, faculty members, and Center leadership

Attract diverse individuals, from high school students to early-stage health care and research professionals, to pursue contemporary oncology-focused education and training opportunities

Strengthen clinical research capabilities and infrastructure and provide access to cutting-edge clinical trials to patients throughout Massey’s catchment area

Build scientific depth to unravel the mechanistic underpinnings of tumorigenesis and dissect key interactions between tumors and their microenvironment with the ultimate goal to discover novel cancer-causing pathways and identify molecular targets and biomarkers for translational studies

Leverage Massey basic science discoveries as well as the translational capabilities of its physician scientists to discover, develop, and evaluate novel, Massey-conceived small molecules and biologics through precision medicine-driven clinical trials

Generate high-impact research across the cancer control continuum focused on reducing cancer incidence and mortality and improving cancer outcomes in the catchment area with an emphasis on eliminating cancer health disparities among vulnerable populations

2021 - 2025 Strategic Plan

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