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Press coverage

VCU Massey Cancer Center is making headlines locally and globally for its renown in leading and shaping the fight against cancer.

Highlights of press coverage

Star Tribune: PATHS, VCU tackle racial disparities in cancer screening, June 9, 2021

AWBC: The brilliant Dr. Shepherd, May 2021

WRIC ABC 8: New recommended lung screening guidelines for smokers could double eligibility, July 31, 2020
Massey physicians Patrick Nana-Sinkam and Mark Parker were featured in a news segment to discuss updated guidelines for lung cancer screening that could double the number of people eligible and save thousands of lives. WFXR FOX provided additional coverage.

Doctor's warning after COVID-19 delays some women's mammograms, June 6, 2020
Massey physician Priti Shah was featured in a news segment to discuss safety measures in place for women who need to get their mammogram during the COVID-19 crisis.

I could have been George Floyd—many times, June 5, 2020
Director Robert Winn authored an editorial detailing his previous experiences with inappropriate policing in Chicago and calling institutional racism a public health issue just as much as other chronic diseases, including cancer.

Robert Winn: Virginia’s first African American cancer director, February 13, 2020
VCU Massey Cancer Center is renowned for its successes and research in cancer treatment, and they have a new man in charge to keep raising the bar. Robert Winn created history when he received the job at VCU.

Massey director Robert Winn gives an in-depth interview for a Q&A in a leading source of oncology news., January 17, 2020
A leading source of oncology news, The Cancer Letter recently published an in-depth Q&A with Massey Cancer Center’s new director, Robert Winn.

The patients’ stories are beautiful pieces of art, August 7, 2019
An article highlighted how Massey doctors and a VCU Arts professor are exploring the way interactive technology can relieve pain and improve life for cancer patients.

After meeting as teens, couple reunites decades later in Richmond before battling cancer together, July 18, 2019
An article shared the story of a couple who both underwent bone marrow transplants at Massey in the same year.

VCU researchers studying protein involved in milk production to treat breast cancer , May 9, 2019
A WTVR CBS 6 News segment featured a Massey researcher and how he is one of the first doctors in the world to study the role of the hormone prolactin in breast cancer.

Study aims to uncover how breast cancer treatments impact heart function , April 6, 2019
A WTVR CBS 6 segment highlighted a clinical trial at Massey that is aimed at preventing heart conditions in breast cancer patients.

Clinical trial in Richmond leads to drug that reduces breast cancer by 50 percent , January 19, 2019
A WRIC ABC 8 News segment reported on a global clinical trial co-led by a Massey researcher that found a new drug reduces the recurrence of breast cancer by 50%.

New treatment for lymphoma patients called a “revolution” , November 15, 2018
A WWBT NBC 12 News segment reported on the success of CAR T-cell therapies at Massey.

Richmond Magazine: Easing the Way, September 8, 2018
An article reported that a Massey study found that palliative care is linked to shorter hospital stays and cheaper medical care costs

Marine Corps veteran recovering from a stem cell transplant done at Massey reunites with and adopts his former military dog after three years apart, June 27, 2018
An article shared the story of a Massey cancer patient who reunited with his military dog after three years apart.

Massey surgeon explains how a new clinical trial developed at Massey based on his laboratory research has the potential to improve the effectiveness of breast cancer treatments, June 6, 2018
A WTVR CBS 6 News segment highlighted how VCU Massey Cancer Center doctors are conducting a trial using an experimental drug combo to make chemo work better for breast cancer patients.

Chemotherapy study a 'game changer' for breast cancer patients, June 5, 2018
Dr. Charles Geyer was interviewed about a landmark study that he co-authored which found that thousands of breast cancer patients will be able to safely forgo chemotherapy.

Joan Lunden hopes visit to Richmond will save lives, February 6, 2018
A news segment featured an interview segment with Joan Lunden in support of breast cancer early detection and Massey's Women & Wellness Luncheon.

Massey study links poor sleep to childhood obesity and increased cancer risk, January 26, 2018
An article featured a study from Massey researcher Bernard Fuemmeler which found that poor sleep quality is associated with childhood obesity and an increased cancer risk.

Four-legged comfort for VCU Massey Cancer Center patients, August 18, 2017
A news segment featured Jessica Gray, Massey palliative care nurse manager, and the unit's therapy dog, Renny.

VCU Massey Cancer Center renews its National Cancer Institute designation, August 6, 2017
A news segment highlighted Massey's designation renewal by the National Cancer Institute and featured an interview with Director Gordon Ginder.

Woman grapples with breast cancer diagnosis as Massey surgeons remove her tumor, July 29, 2017
A newspaper published an ongoing series following a breast cancer patient as she received her diagnosis and treatment at Massey.

VCU's new pancreatic cancer treatment could improve outcomes, May 14, 2017
An article features CIVA sheet, a new FDA-approved bio-absorbable, internal radiation device, that Massey was the first in the world to successfully implant to treat early stage pancreatic cancer.

4 family members, over 3 generations, diagnosed with breast cancer, May 15, 2017
Massey breast cancer survivors Michelle Brooks, Tressy and Tabatha Smith, and Mildred O’tey share their story of facing back-to-back breast cancer diagnoses in four family members over the course of four years. Their Massey medical oncologist, Mary Helen Hackney, M.D., explains how to manage a high risk of hereditary cancer.

VCU Health demonstrates new chemotherapy treatment, March 2, 2017
An article features HIPEC, heated intraperitoneal chemotherapy, which Massey is the only provider in Richmond to offer for the treatment of advanced abdominal cancers.

Neuro-oncologists at Massey help more patients win brain cancer battle, January 12, 2017
A news segment highlights neuro-oncology at Massey.

New VCU clinic aims to reverse pancreatic cancer 'death sentence', November 30, 2016
A news segment features Massey's new program for pancreatic cancer, which is the first of its kind in the region.

Massey clinic addresses growing medical issue, August 17, 2016
A TV news segment featured Michael Hess and Massey's Cardio-Oncology Program.

'I'm whole,' says breast cancer survivor after microsurgical reconstruction, August 6, 2016
A TV news segment featured the story of a mother of four with breast cancer who underwent a mastectomy, including expert commentary from Massey surgeon Santosh Kale on microsurgical breast reconstruction.

Massey doctors start 2nd clinical trial for promising breast cancer treatment, July 23, 2016
Article discusses two Massey doctors, Paul Dent and Andrew Poklepovic, and their new drug mixture that has shown great promise in treating advanced forms of cancerous tumors, particularly in cases of breast cancer.

Deadly and beautiful: The mesmerizing images of cancer research, July 11, 2016
An article highlights the National Cancer Institute's Cancer Close Up 2016 project– a collection featuring microscopy photographs of cancer-related cells, tissues and molecules from researchers at two dozen of the nation’s leading cancer centers, including Massey.

Exclusive: TV Star’s Cancer Battle, January 22, 2016
Actress Danielle Spencer, star of the hit 70s TV show What’s Happening!, described her double mastectomy performed by Massey surgical oncologist Brian Kaplan.