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Every revolutionary medical discovery starts with clinical research.

Offering one of the largest selections of cancer clinical trials in Virginia

We are continually evaluating the latest cancer therapies, with more than 200 studies for all types of cancers and for cancer prevention. Massey offers clinical studies developed and managed by Massey as well as studies developed and managed by other universities, cooperative research groups, government agencies, non-profit organizations and for-profit companies.

Why a patient should consider a clinical trial

Why a patient should consider a clinical trial

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Clinical trials are research studies that evaluate new medical treatments and devices. Learn how clinical trials advance cancer treatments and care.

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Learn about the phases of clinical trials, who can participate in them, whether insurance covers trials and answers to other frequently asked questions.

You are cancer-free.

You are cancer-free.

Reed Whitener
Not many multiple myeloma patients ever hear those words. Because of a clinical trial, Reed Whitener is one of them.

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To view a clinical trial in even greater detail, review a list of Massey's clinical trials on the National Cancer Institute website.