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Massey nurse navigator accepts "Outstanding Local Navigator Network" award

Jan 01, 0001


Donna Wilson, R.N., M.S.N., C.B.C.N., breast cancer nurse navigator at VCU Massey Cancer Center, co-founded and leads the Virginia Cancer Patient Navigator Network, an organization that represents nurse navigators across the state who strive to eradicate barriers and enhance outcome for patients, families and healthcare teams. The VaCPNN was recently presented the “Outstanding Local Navigator Network” award from the Academy of Oncology Nurse and Patient Navigators.

The award recognizes VaCPNN’s efforts to trailblaze a national model for nurse navigation and develop educational opportunities establishing evidence-based best practices in cancer and chronic disease nurse navigation. VaCPNN conducted a survey that identified common needs among nurse navigators, including: more survivorship resources; a desire for a multidisciplinary network of navigators; a need for continuing education credits and professional development opportunities; and state-wide promotion of nurse navigation.

This survey resulted in the VaCPNN holding four quarterly full-day meetings providing navigators across the commonwealth an opportunity to network, share best practices and earn professional continuing education credits. Speakers at these meetings discuss medication management and overcoming financial barriers, the latter of which has been so highly valued that VaCPNN plans to hold a financial toxicity program once a year.

VaCPNN continues to network with stakeholders in Virginia and nationally as members attend conferences and serve on professional committees. The membership has grown from their original 12 members in 2007 to more than 55 today.

Written by: Massey Communications Office

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