Innovation Pilot Award

About the Innovation Pilot Award

The Innovation Pilot Award supports the early development of high-quality, innovative cancer research projects from all areas, including basic science, laboratory-based translation, clinical investigation and population science. Funded through an annual request for applications, the Innovation Pilot Awards aim to support new scientific directions and is open to all Massey research members. One to two projects per Massey research program will be selected annually.

Award details

  • Funds should be used to support a discrete, specified hypothesis-driven research project from a Massey research member. Other team members may include non-members.
  • The awards can range in size, but cannot exceed $75,000 for a single principal investigator (PI). Applicants may request up to the full amount and there is no minimum amount required.
  • Multi-PI submissions are highly encouraged but not required.
  • The proposed project period should not exceed 1-year.
  • A Massey investigator may only hold one active pilot research award at a time

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Research program project considerations

  • Cancer Biology: Projects should be focused on the development of new insights across the hallmarks of cancer biology.
  • Developmental Therapeutics: Projects should address the development of innovative strategies for cancer treatment.
  • Cancer Prevention and Control: Projects should be focused on addressing cancer prevention and control.

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Upcoming deadlines and award dates

FOA release


Letter of Intent due


Selected applicants invited to submit full application


Full applications due by 5:00 pm EST (download the application cover sheet)


Earliest start date



Contact Alex Haynes at or (305) 915-4200.