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Cancer Biology

Program leader

Program leader

Azeddine Atfi, Ph.D.

The Cancer Biology program creates a robust transdisciplinary scientific environment that will enhance collaborative interactions and provide increased opportunities to leverage new scientific concepts and inform the development of potential new therapeutic approaches to curb cancers that are frequent in Massey’s catchment area (eg, breast, prostate, lung, pancreas, liver).

The overarching scientific objectives of the CB program are to unravel the mechanistic underpinnings of tumor pathogenesis and progression and to identify key interactions between tumors and their microenvironment that could shed light on the intrinsic and extrinsic mechanisms accounting for cancer progression and resistance to therapy. As such, CB members seek to identify novel evidence-based vulnerabilities in cancer cells and develop translational strategies that target selectively the biological and molecular features of cancer cells within the context of their microenvironment.

Scientific aims


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