Clinical Trials Concept Review Committee

About the Clinical Trials Concept Review Committee

The Clinical Trials Concept Review Committee (CTCRC) facilitates the development of Massey investigator-initiated trials (IITs), many of which involve science emanating from Massey’s research programs. The CTCRC typically engages Massey investigator(s) in the early stages of concept development and continues the discussion over the course of multiple meetings. The CTCRC meets on an ad hoc basis and serves a critical function in vetting and prioritizing trials in need of support to maximize the limited number of IITs the Center can support at any given time.

Upon determining the resources needed for a given IIT to be successful, and the appropriate Disease Working Group (DWG) has approved the concept, the CTCRC recommends to Massey’s Director what services or other types of financial support should be provided by the Center which may include:

To promote timely patient recruitment that is representative of the trial’s target population, all MCC IITs are encouraged to involve a Community Champion on their study team.

CTCRC contact

For more information including submission requirements, please contact the CTCRC at

Andrew Poklepovic, M.D. (Chair)
Associate director, clinical research
Professor, internal medicine

Julia Godek
CTCRC coordinator
(804) 628-8480