Novel Agent

About the Novel Agent Pilot Award

The Novel Agent Pilot Awards supports collaborations between basic scientists and physician-scientists with the goal of developing biological agents to treat cancer. Projects should focus on the discovery of anti-cancer molecules (drugs and biologics) by Massey investigators and evaluation of molecules in the laboratory and ultimately, patients. These pilots may include research focused on small molecule drugs, antibodies, vaccines, CAR-T and other cell therapies that selectively kill tumors but not normal cells.

Novel Agent - Small Molecules FOA

Novel Agent - Biologics FOA

Award details and eligibility criteria

  • Award amounts are tailored to the scope and maturity of the drug development project.
  • Applications should be a multi-principal investigator (MPI) among basic and translational researchers. Each PI must be a full-time VCU faculty member, and at least one of the PIs must be a Massey research member.
  • IND-guided advanced preclinical studies are not supported through this award mechanism and should not be included in the proposal.
  • A Massey investigator may only hold one active pilot research award at a time

Application instructions

Completed applications should be sent as a single PDF file to Alex Haynes at with the subject line “Novel Agent Pilot Award”.

Upcoming deadlines and award dates

FOA release

July 7, 2023

Letter of Intent (LOI) due (LOI template)

July 28, 2023

Selected applicants invited to submit full application

August 11, 2023

Full applications due by 5:00 pm EST 

September 8, 2023

Earliest start date

October 1, 2023 


Contact Alex Haynes at or (305) 915-4200.