Additional pilot funding opportunities

Other partnerships to support Massey pilot projects

Massey partners with a number of internal and external organizations to offer additional cancer-relevant pilot funding to Massey investigators. Explore current funding opportunities below.

Swim Across America, the official charity for swimmers, exists to raise money for their network of doctors and researchers who are the pioneers developing new cures and treatments to end cancer. Through this initiative, Massey selects promising research by a junior investigator(s) to help springboard their project and ultimately help take their research to the next level.

Applicant eligibility and award details

  • Principal investigators must be an MD or DO, MD/PhD, or PhD
  • If MD or DO, the applicant must at least be in their 3rd or 4th year of an accredited oncology fellowship training program and involved in cancer research
  • All applicants must be in his/her initial academic appointment, within 5 years from completion of fellowship training, and involved in cancer research