Cancer Biology

The Cancer Biology program is an interdisciplinary group of more than 45 scientists representing 13 departments across the schools of medicine, dentistry, engineering, pharmacy, and humanities and science. The program aims to build scientific depth and breadth by unraveling the mechanistic underpinnings of tumorigenesis and dissect key interactions between tumors and their microenvironment, with the ultimate goal to discover novel cancer-causing pathways and identify molecular targets and biomarkers for translational studies.

To achieve this goal, the Cancer Biology program is structured around the following scientific areas:

  1. Cancer Cell Signaling: Identifying and characterizing the alterations in key signaling networks that drive cancer development and progression
  2. Genetic & Epigenetic Drivers: Deciphering the genetic and epigenetic mechanisms involved in oncogenesis
  3. Tumor Microenvironment: Investigating the mechanisms governing the complex interactions between cancer cells and their immune and stromal microenvironment

If you are a researcher with peer-reviewed funding for cancer research, and your science is aligned with the aims of this program, please consider formally applying to become a VCU Massey Comprehensive Cancer Center member.

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Researcher Spotlight

Program leadership

Azeddine Atfi, Ph.D.

Leader: Azeddine Atfi, Ph.D.
Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Paula Bos

Co-leader: Paula Bos, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Pathology