Developmental Therapeutics

The Developmental Therapeutics program consists of more than 45 members, inclusive of treating oncologists and pre-clinical translational scientists. The overarching goal of this program is to leverage basic and translational cancer discoveries emanating from Massey laboratories to develop and implement innovative trials that will ultimately improve the outcomes of cancer patients.

To achieve this goal, program members conduct transdisciplinary and team-science research centered around the following areas:

  1. New Compound Development: Identifying and developing novel drugs or biological agents to target aberrant cancer signaling pathways
  2. Therapeutic Resistance: Investigating mechanisms underlying cancer cell resistance and developing rational combination therapies to overcome this challenge
  3. Clinical Trial Translation: Translating these therapeutic strategies into early and later-stage clinical trials

If you are a researcher with peer-reviewed funding for cancer research, and your science is aligned with the aims of this program, please consider formally applying to become a VCU Massey Comprehensive Cancer Center member.

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Researcher Spotlight

Program Co-leaders

Steven Grant

Steven Grant, M.D.
Professor, Internal Medicine

Anthony Faber

Anthony Faber, Ph.D.
Professor, Philips Institute for Oral Health Research


Xiang-Yang (Shawn) Wang, Ph.D.
Professor, Human and Molecular Genetics