Social work

Clinical social workers address psychosocial aspects of care so that patients and families are treated holistically. Psychosocial services provided by oncology social workers include individual & family and group counseling, education, advocacy, discharge planning, case management, patient-navigation, research, and program development. These services are designed to maximize the patient’s utilization of the health care system, foster coping, mobilize community resources in order to support optimal functioning, and empower the patient and family to be active participants in health care decisions and management. Oncology social work services are available to patients and families throughout all phases of the cancer continuum; including, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, survivorship, palliative care, end-of-life care, and bereavement. *

*Adapted from the VCU HS Department of Care Coordination Policy and Procedures Manual and the AOSW Oncology Social Work Standards of Practice 2012.

Dalton Oncology Clinic – Downtown

  • Caroline Athing, M.S.W. - (804) 628-0986
  • Caitlin Duffy, M.S.W. - (804) 828-2511
  • Kathryn McIntosh, M.S.W. - (804) 628-4930

Radiation Oncology Clinics 

  • Whitney Burton-Meleski, L.C.S.W. - (804) 828-1066

Inpatient Hematology-Oncology

  • Valerie Cauthorne, M.S.W. - (804) 828-2505

Hanover and Stony Point 

  • Freda Wilkins, M.S.W.
    (804) 559-1841 - Hanover 
    (804) 827-8824 - Stony Point

Inpatient Palliative Care

  • Katie Guyransky, M.S.W. - (804) 828-0041

Bone Marrow Transplant – Inpatient and Clinic

  • Karen Mullin, M.S.W.
    Patients A-J - (804) 628-3861
  • Jennifer Blosser, L.C.S.W.
    Patients K-Z - (804) 828-5451

For social work emergencies after-hours, please contact VCU Telepage at (804) 828-0951. For any life threatening emergencies, please call 911 or go to your local emergency room.