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Cathy J. Bradley, Ph.D. and Phyllis C. Katz, J.D. pose at a conference table

Cancer and its treatment exact a toll on both the physical and economic well-being of cancer survivors. Simultaneously balancing the demands of treatment and employment is, for many patients, as challenging as it is necessary. Because our health insurance is tied to our employment, patients face a double jeopardy in that they must continue treatment and must continue to do their job if they want to maintain both their income and health insurance.

Recognizing the profound impact employment issues can have on cancer survivors’ decisions, quality of life and overall wellness, the following presentations from experts on employment rights and insurance issues deliver strategies for not only protecting yourself, but for advancing yourself in the workplace.

Research on the effects of cancer on employment

Cathy J. Bradley, Ph.D., co-leader of the Cancer Prevention and Control research program at VCU Massey Comprehensive Cancer Center, has done extensive research on the economic impact of cancer. Here she presents some research related to cancer and employment.

Employment rights for cancer survivors

Phyllis C. Katz, J.D., is an employment attorney and partner with Sands Anderson Marks & Miller in Richmond, Va. She is also co-founder of the Legal Information Network for Cancer, which provides legal assistance for cancer patients and survivors. A two-time cancer survivor herself, Katz draws from personal experience and professional expertise to provide essential information on the rights of employers and employees, and advice on how to best protect and advance your career in the wake of a cancer diagnosis.

Managing insurance, disability and social security issues

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Negotiating employment and insurance issues can be a daunting task. For additional information about this topic, please review our employment discrimination and insurance concerns sections.