Melanie Binshtok

Melanie Binshtok

"I want to take a few minutes to share how appreciative and thankful I am of your team. I am sure you know, but in case you don’t hear it often, your team, Dr. Christian Barrett, Janice Kuhn and Victoria Wilson, are unbelievable and deserve much credit. They are responsible for making a potential disaster nothing but an excellent experience.

I last saw them in 2007, and at that time was given a treatment plan and instructions for my management. I have done very well and did not require follow up. However, I am planning for surgery this week and at the last minute was told I would need hematology clearance. You can imagine my stress when trying to scramble to get this done. I was able to speak with Janice yesterday who quickly looped in Vicki. I was told since I had not been seen in so long, I was considered a new patient. Sadly, there were no new patient appointments until March. While at first they were not sure they could move mountains for me, they did. 

I heard from Dr. Barrett yesterday afternoon, got labs done and had a virtual visit with him this morning. This is not good care. This is EXCEPTIONAL care and management. It is going above and beyond for your patient and giving customer service that you don’t normally find in health care. This must be commended.

Having been a nurse practitioner in Richmond since 2010, I know we hear the negative from patients. I wanted to make sure you heard the extreme positive and appreciative feedback that is well deserved of this team."

-Melanie Binshtok, ACNP-BC, AACC January 26, 2021