Learn more about hepatoblastoma and how Massey's multidisciplinary approach provides the most comprehensive care in the region.

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VCU Massey Comprehensive Cancer Center offers the full continuum of care for hepatoblastoma - from prevention and detection to treatment and survivorship. 

Using the most advanced technology, treatment options and clinical trials, our team offers a wide scope of care for those diagnosed or at high risk of hepatoblastoma. Our care is delivered compassionately, with respect, personal attention and a focus on the whole person - not just the disease.

Your partner in hepatoblastoma care

Whether you are faced with a diagnosis of hepatoblastoma, need help evaluating and reducing your risk for hepatoblastoma, or are being screened for early detection of hepatoblastoma, Massey is here to help.

We provide a level of expertise found only at the top 4 percent of cancer centers across the country designated by the National Cancer Institute. Massey is the only center in the Richmond area and one of two in Virginia designated by the NCI to lead and shape America’s cancer research efforts.

Massey’s care is provided through VCU Health at VCU Medical Center, an award-winning hospital.

Clinical trials

Treatments in clinical trials may be more effective or have fewer side effects than the treatments that are currently available.

Gastrointestinal cancers treatment team

Our specialists from many different disciplines work together in the area’s largest and most comprehensive multidisciplinary teams.

Resources & support services

Massey offers a number of patient support services to address educational, emotional, spiritual and social service needs.

Why choose VCU Massey Comprehensive Cancer Center for your hepatoblastoma care

The Gastrointestinal Tumor Center team at VCU Massey Comprehensive Cancer Center consists of national leaders in cancer care and research from multiple disciplines who work together to provide the highest-quality diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal cancers. By pooling their expertise, our Gastrointestinal Tumor Center doctors are able to make the best decisions and give you the most comprehensive advice and information.

Discover the 5 Cs that make us the right choice for your hepatoblastoma care. Choose Massey for your hepatoblastoma care because we are:


Our doctors have unparalleled knowledge and experience in diagnosing and treating all types of gastrointestinal cancers. As sub-specialists in gastrointestinal oncology, they are specifically trained in and dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal cancers.


The GI Tumor Center is the only comprehensive diagnostic and treatment center for gastrointestinal cancers in the Richmond area. It is staffed by leading specialists who also conduct research that leads to improved treatments for gastrointestinal cancers. Many of these treatments are only available at major academic medical centers like the VCU Medical Center. You will find it convenient to be evaluated by a group of closely collaborating specialists in one place at one time rather than having to go to a number of specialists at different locations. By pooling their experience and working together, the GI Tumor Center doctors can make the best decisions regarding diagnosis and treatment and give you the most comprehensive advice and information.


Cancer care generally requires multiple forms of therapy and various specialized doctors. At Massey, our specialists collaborate in interdisciplinary teams to coordinate all aspects and stages of patient care and conveniently provide that care in one location. Massey pioneered the multidisciplinary approach to cancer care in our region. This approach combines the expertise of many doctors and ensures that you will receive the ideal combination and sequence of treatment.


Through respectful, attentive and compassionate care, Massey’s cancer care team builds healing relationships with you that help reduce suffering from cancer.


Recognizing that each patient is unique and each type of cancer is different, Massey provides treatment strategies and care plans tailored and individualized to you.

Becoming a Patient

Our award-winning team at VCU Massey Comprehensive Cancer Center is transforming how cancers are prevented, detected, treated and cured, and it is our pleasure to care for you and your loved ones. Cancer is complex and its care can be complicated, so we want to make your experience as our patient as simple and positive as possible. 

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Dodge Havens

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