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Testimonials from clinical trial participants

It takes clinical trial participants working together with doctors and researchers to discover new treatments in the fight against cancer. Cancer patients who make an informed decision to participate in a clinical trial get first access to the latest promising cancer therapies. They also benefit generations of future cancer patients by providing the gift of information that helps scientists and doctors develop new, more effective ways to prevent and treat cancer. Here, participants tell their clinical trial stories.

Participant perspective:

For Tiffany Stout, she chose to undergo a treatment to make her eligible for a clinical trial. Read more


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Massey participants share their clinical trial experiences in their own words.

"It's a shame to have to get sick to meet these people [at VCU Massey Cancer Center]. But they made me feel as though they knew me all of their lives... I felt like royalty because they were there every minute and every time I needed something," says James Ross, multiple myeloma survivor.


"The best chance for a cure was to hit the cancer as hard as we could, and the clinical trial gave us that option," says Amy Thomas, leukemia survivor.


The chemotherapy used in the clinical trial to shrink my tumor made my surgery much easier," says Kathy Mayfield, breast cancer survivor.


Karen Avery says that if she hadn't participated in her breast cancer clinical trial, she wouldn't have had access to the medications that helped her tremendously. She is now celebrating being cancer-free.