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Massey Cancer Center Community Grants

About Massey's Community Grant Initiative

Everything we do at Massey Cancer Center begins with improving people's health and livelihood. Massey is committed to working closely with the community we serve to align our community outreach and engagement efforts and research discoveries on cancer risks, incidence, and mortality and improve cancer outcomes. Massey's Community Grant Initiative works with the community to intentionally reduce the Commonwealth’s cancer burden for all Virginians, particularly for the most vulnerable populations we serve.

At Massey, we value partnerships as necessary for ongoing health promotion and wellness programs across communities because no single entity has the resources, access and relationships to address the wide range of problems within the social determinants of health construct.

Our Community Grant Initiative is determined and described by three levels: Seed, Cultivate and Harvest, which aim to build capacity and strengthen community partners to ensure the integration of community stakeholders and bridge the gap between cancer research and the community.

  • Level 1: Seed ($5,000) - Applications now open!
  • Level 2: Cultivate ($20,000) - Launching in 2023
  • Level 3: Harvest ($50,000) - Launching in 2024

Interested in Massey's Community Grant Initiative? Applications are now open for the 2023-2024 Seed grant initiative. Explore full funding details, eligibility and application requirements below.

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2022 community grant recipients

The funding will help to establish a direct delivery model system for its Mobile Produce Pantry to reach more clients living in and around Richmond’s food deserts and increase the amount of food distributed.

Learn more about the World U.P. Foundation

The funding will create a new Resource Coordinator position focusing on the regions with high incidence, mortality and/or health disparities by providing informed referrals to various assistance programs and complementing the work of nurse navigators.

Learn more about the Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation

The funding will help to educate the community about cervical and colorectal cancer through a partnership with Piedmont Access to Health Services, Inc. (PATHS), a nonprofit providing medical and dental care on a sliding payment scale.

Learn more about the Vance Street Missionary Baptist Church

The funding will establish the Teach One Reach One Project to educate the minority and underserved residents of Petersburg about symptoms, benefits of screening and lifestyle changes they can make to prevent colon cancer.

Learn more about Saving Pennies 4 A Cure

The funding will establish the Are You At Risk program, which includes a packet containing oral cancer education materials, a Dental Clinic brochure, Medicaid dental benefits information, a Dental Clinic appointment voucher for a free visit and free oral cancer screenings on particular dates.

Learn more about the Northern Neck Middlesex Free Health Clinic

The funding will support a project raising awareness about the effects of smoking and secondhand smoke through a series of virtual workshops presented to people ages 15 and up throughout Greater Richmond.

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The funding will establish the Ebenezer Cancer Caregivers Project to reduce emotional and mental health cancer burdens by creating a weekly cancer caregivers support group and educational programs on topics across the cancer care continuum.

Learn more about the Ebenezer Baptist Church