Cancer prevention services and screening

Staying in control of your health

While not all cancers can be prevented, there are several ways to reduce one’s cancer risk including developing healthy habits and limiting harmful exposures like smoking. Massey offers access to leading cancer experts and prevention resources as well as navigation services to support individuals wherever they may be on their cancer journey.

Risk reduction

Connecting individuals of screening age with screening services and providing information regarding the whys and hows of being proactive in reducing cancer risk.

Take action now

We CAN (Conquer Addiction to Nicotine) Quit is a free community-based service that connects people with tobacco cessation specialists and other supportive resources to help them stop using tobacco.

Connect with We CAN Quit

This community-based group program teaches individuals the importance of developing healthy eating habits for general well-being and cancer prevention such as shopping tips and cooking techniques.

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Prevention and early detection

Know your cancer screening guidelines – early detection saves lives!

Screening guidelines (pdf)
Navigation services

Navigation services

Navigating cancer can can be difficult. Regardless of the challenges you may be facing, we can help you take steps toward lifestyle changes, to get screened, or access treatment or clinical trials.

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