Massey Advisory Board

The Virginia Commonwealth University Massey Cancer Center Advisory Board advises and assists VCU Massey Cancer Center and its director in carrying out the Center’s mission of improving the quality of life through the prevention, control and cure of cancer as a National Cancer Institute-designated cancer center.

The board is dedicated to educating the public about cancer research and prevention, as well as the respective clinical services Massey provides through its multidisciplinary team approach. Board members work to secure Massey’s future by leading fundraising efforts that support Massey’s strategic priorities. Members act as advocates for Massey in the community and throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Community Board members
Community Board members
Community Board members
Community Board members
Community Board members
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Massey Board and Soiree

Massey Board and Soiree

Officers of the Board

Anne Whittemore, Chair
Mike Gracik, Immediate Past Chair
Rebecca C. Massey, Vice Chair
Amy McDaniel Williams, 2nd Vice Chair

Board Members

Shelly Arthur
Conor Ashby, II
Ann H. Austin
Mary Davey Bliley
Roger L. Boevé
Jean Ann Bolling
Ellen Bonbright
Judy S. Brown
Charles L. Cabell
Theodore L. Chandler, Jr.
Judith T. Clough
John Congdon Jr.
Joelle K. Cosby
Sarah B. Cossé
Brian Davis 
Preston Dillard
James K. Donaldson
George P. Emerson, Jr.
Stephanie J. Gilliard, Esq.
Josh Goldschmidt 
Ann Parker H. Gottwald
L. Michael Gracik, Jr.
A. William Hamill
Terrell Luck Harrigan
Elizabeth S. Hart
Rudene M. Haynes
Connie Hom
Eucharia Jackson 
Tracey W. Jameson
Joseph R. Jenkins
Martin Johnson
Deborah J. Johnston
Linwood A. Lacy Jr.
Gail L. Letts
John B. Lewis
Michelle Logan
David A. Lyons
Rebecca C. Massey
Aaron McClung
Patricia Merrill
Henry R. Miller
Elizabeth B. Minter
Brandon Moore
James T. Napier
Mary Harvard Nolde
Carl E. Omohundro Jr.
Kathryn H. Pearson
Catherine Plotkin
Anna W. Reed
Jennifer Ronga
Helen J. Ryan
Frances Santarella
Dr. Travis L. Shaw
Karen Shudtz
Raymond M. Slabaugh
Vickie M. Snead
Judith Forehand Starkey
Elizabeth H. Thornton
Christina E. Todd
Amanda Tornabene
Anne Marie Whittemore
Robert G. Whitten
Amy McDaniel Williams

Charmica Epps Harris, Director of Development for Board and Hospital Relations

William G. Broaddus, Esq.
Charles F. Crone
James E. Farnham, Esq.
Alice T. Goodwin
E. Morgan Massey
Adrienne L. Maxwell
Matthew G. Thompson
Judith Harris Turbeville

Verna W. Seidensticker*

Kassie Schroth
Massey Alliance President Elect

Benjamin Barani
Massey Alliance President

Dorothy Erlanger
Amy’s Army of Cancer Warriors

Lisa S. Goodwin
Conor’s Heroes

Joey McCaffrey
Virginia Moose Association

Tara E. Daudani
Women and Wellness

President - Ben Barani
President-Elect - Kassie Schroth
Immediate Past President - Mickey Hofmeister
Secretary - Will Stallings

2022-20 2020-2021 Massey Alliance Board Members

Kyle Adams
Heather Brown
Brigid Bucci
Katie Butz
Rachel Calvert
Bryce Carson
Tim Cavazos
Ernie Chamberlain
Dan Halloran
Mickey Hofmeister
Phebe Jenkins
Ben Barani
Mark Lynch
Justin Maitland
Kai Marshall
Taylor Mickel
George Moore IV
Megan Paulsen
Yann Reichelt
Andrew Russo
Kassie Schroth
Nick Shedd
David Stabler
Will Stallings
Paul Staples
Laurenso Williams

Emily Pumphrey, Massey Cancer Center Development Board Liaison