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30+ years of giving, innovation and impact
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30+ years ago, an incredibly loyal and creative group of Massey donors created something extraordinary.

Massey Club is VCU Massey Comprehensive Cancer Center’s leadership annual giving society, which recognizes donors who make annual cumulative unrestricted gifts totaling $1,000 or more. Massey Club donors lead by example to fuel innovation, shape the future of cancer research and, ultimately, save lives. A future without cancer starts with Massey Club. A future without cancer starts with you.

“We, as an NCI-designated center of excellence, can save lives. We can offer better treatment. Massey Club funding helps make that all possible.” - Becky Massey

Massey Club Impact


Thanks, in part, to the generosity of Massey Club donors, Massey is achieving its goal to be a premier community-focused cancer center and a national leader in cancer health equity research. Read more about the Massey Club and its impact during the most recent fiscal year.

“Massey Club, truly, was founded on the shoulders of giants.” - Becky Massey.
Massey directors These giants include VCU Massey Comprehensive Cancer Center directors (from left to right): I. David Goldman, M.D., Robert A. Winn, M.D., Gordon D. Ginder, M.D., and the late Walter Lawrence, M.D.
“The last 30 years have been transformational. Unrestricted funding, which is what the Massey Club raises, is critical. Grants [can] take years. Having that flexibility to move things ahead faster, to realize an important advance that might otherwise be lost.” – Gordon Ginder, M.D., former VCU Massey Comprehensive Cancer Center director

Thank you to our Massey Club founding and legacy members

Mr. and Mrs. Robert. C. Best
Mr. Charles N. Brice
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Broaddus
Mr. and Mrs. Austin Brockenbrough III
Mr. and Mrs. Drew St. John Carneal Mr. A. E. Carver, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Clark
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Clarke
Mrs. Mary Laurie S. Cooke
Mr. and Mrs. Frank N. Cowan
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Crone Mr. and Mrs. John R. Curtis, Jr.
Mrs. Nancy del Castillo
Mr. and Mrs. W. Ronald Dietz
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Etherington
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Evans
Dr. Carole E. and Mr. James E. Farnham
Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Field
Mr. Elmer M. Fiery
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew B. Fogarty, Jr.
William J. Frable, M.D.
Donald and Julie Fritz
Mr. T. Fleetwood Garner
Dr. and Mrs. I. David Goldman

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Gordon, Jr. Mrs. Lucylle F. Gordon
Mrs. Mary B. Hamilton
Mr. Wirt H. Hatcher, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. J. Shelton Horsley
Mr. and Mrs. J. Randolph Hutcheson
Mr. Kenneth F. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Victor W. Lavenstein
Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. LeClair
Mr. Edsel H. Lester
Mrs. James A. Linen, IV
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Lipman
Mr. and Mrs. George C. Marshall
Ms. Susie C. Massey
Mr. and Mrs. William Blair Massey
Mr. and Mrs. E. Morgan Massey
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Massey, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Maxwell, Jr.
Dr. Mary T. McClenahan
Ms. Carolyn M. Meares Mr. and Mrs. Philip Minor
Dr. Shirley and Mr. Sture Olsson
The Honorable and Mrs. Lewis W. Parker, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley F. Pauley
Mr. B. David Peck

The Honorable and Mrs. Edward A. Powell, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Sumpter T. Priddy, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Reed, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan S. Reid, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. J. Darrell Rice
Mr. Otto Rich
Mr. and Mrs. Philip W. Richardson
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Ryan, Jr.
Mr. Norman A. Scher
Dr. and Mrs. H. Bernard Showalter
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Shumadine, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael
W. Smith
Dr. and Mrs. Leroy Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Spalding, Jr.
Mr. Mark A. Sternheimer, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Sweeney
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Thalhimer
Gen. Robert N. Tyson
Mr. and Mrs. E. Massie Valentine
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall B. Wishnack

Together, WE can make a future without cancer possible. One gift, one conversation, one more life saved at a time.

Learn more and join the Massey Club

Donors who make an annual cumulative gift of $1,000 or more are automatically considered members of the Massey Club. For more information, contact Robinette Tiller, Associate Director of Annual Giving, (804) 828-0034 office.