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Katherine Tossas, Ph.D.

  • Program Cancer Prevention and Control
  • Department
    Assistant Professor, Department of Health Behavior and Policy, School of Medicine
  • Phone 804-628-3443
Department affiliations
Assistant Professor, Department of Health Behavior and Policy, School of Medicine
MS, University of Michigan, 1999
PhD, University of Illinois, 2018
Disease focus of research

Breast, Colorectal, Gynecologic, Respiratory/lung

Research keywords

Bioinformatics,Biomarkers,Cancer disparities,Cancer risk behaviors,Community health,Community outreach,Epigenetics,Genomics,Health outcomes,Inflammation,Prevention/population health,Screening

Research description
Dr. Tossas is an assistant professor and Harrison Endowed Scholar in the Department of Health Behavior and Policy, with a joint appointment in the Department of Family Medicine and Population Health, Epidemiology division. In addition to her membership within Massey, Dr. Tossas is responsible for the Catchment Area Data Access and Alignment (CADA) initiatives which promote collaboration, innovation, and excellence in catchment-focused cancer research through outstanding, rigorous analytical support for MCC members. Her work and research are grounded in health equity, and center on elucidating how the community-ome (the interactive elements encompassing our individual and aggregate community experiences) impact cancer outcomes for underserved and underrepresented populations (e.g. racial and ethnic, sexual gender and geographic). Her most recent research focus centers on using machine learning methodologies to explore the potential influence of the microbiome on HPV-related cancers
Published research (during tenure as a Massey Cancer Center member)
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