Career development for junior faculty

Faculty Development Program for MCC Members

Massey’s Faculty Development Program is designed to foster independent funding and career growth opportunities for MCC members conducting cancer research. Junior faculty (Assistant Professor-level) are paired with a senior Massey member who will serve as their mentor for a 3-year period.

Mentors and mentees will create an Individual Development Plan (IDP) with defined career milestones and timelines for achieving program goals. IDPs will include:

  • Scientific goals
  • Research and funding plans
  • Grant submission goals and timelines
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Teaching expectations
  • Participation in research conferences and seminars

Mentees are expected to meet with mentors quarterly to assess short-term progress towards goals. Mentoring teams will also participate in an annual evaluation to assess the effectiveness of the mentor/mentee relationship as well as the mentee's overall progress.

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Cancer Research Education Program for early stage investigators at VSU

The Cancer Research Education Program (CREP) is designed to improve the capacity of underrepresented minority early stage investigators to conduct cancer disparities-related and community-engaged research through a 4-year mentored research experience. This comprehensive training program is part of the VSU-Massey Partnership for Cancer Disparities (SUCCEED) and offers a variety of career development opportunities and participation in research events.

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