Predoctoral programs

T32 Integrative Training in Cancer Biology Program

The Integrative Training in Cancer Biology (ITCB) Program offers a comprehensive educational experience that prepares fellows for independent research careers in cancer biology. The two-year program has an intentional focus on developing scientific approaches designed to address cancer disparities in the important role of community engagement in research. Priority opportunities are given to traditionally underrepresented individuals in cancer biology.

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Walter Lawrence Scholars Initiative

The Walter Lawrence Scholars Initiative is for diverse individuals interested in a career in science writing and communication who are in their last year of a doctoral program (post-qualifying exams) or have completed a terminal degree. Predoctoral and postdoctoral students and trainees are encouraged to apply. This six-week internship is designed to foster a pathway for individuals in this field while promoting an understanding of cancer disparities in Virginia and nationwide.

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Advancing Careers in Cancer Research for Underrepresented Students (ACCESS)

The ACCESS Program offers a comprehensive biomedical experience introducing underrepresented minority graduate or medical students to cancer research and oncology-related career paths. This two-year certificate program focuses on enhancing fellows’ interest in cancer research through didactics, a mentored research experience and career development opportunities.

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Ph.D. Concentration in Cancer and Molecular Medicine (CAMM)

Ph.D. concentration in cancer and molecular medicine (CAMM) As part of The VCU Wright Center for Clinical and Translational Research doctoral program in clinical and translational sciences, Massey supports two CAMM students per year. Co-directed by Massey research members Joyce Lloyd, Ph.D., and Devanand Sarkar, Ph.D., the concentration is designed to train students in the research skills required to perform translational research in cancer and molecular medicine. In 2020, three courses were launched as part of the CAMM curriculum with a focus on clinical awareness and clinical research methods, cancer community-engaged translational research and reproducible cancer bioinformatics.

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Cancer Prevention & Control Cancer Health Equity T32 for predocs

Massey’s NCI-funded Cancer Prevention and Control Cancer Health Equity (CPC-CHE) T32 predoctoral training program supports trainees interested in cancer prevention and control and cancer health equity research. Predoctoral trainees must be enrolled at VCU in one of the participating Ph.D. programs, actively pursuing cancer-related research for their dissertation and have passed their comprehensive exams.

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